1015524_402902729825160_831342858_oMeet Lee of L Ten Photography

Real estate photography requires a keen eye for detail, knowledge on how to properly light an area and composing the shot to best showcase the home. Equally important is how to edit those images in a way that enhances the photo without looking artificial, illustrative or downright cartoonish. My goal is to entice buyers to view the home in person leading to a sale! Customer service is a top priority for me – I go above and beyond to make sure my customers are very happy. I’m happy to provide references.

I’m fascinated by photography – all aspects of it. I love shooting and I love editing. There is always something new and exciting to learn and practice. I am never bored! When I’m not shooting real estate, architecture, portraits or commercial work, you can often find me shooting something at night – cityscapes, light painting, fireworks, the Milky Way, even the elusive aurora borealis. Or maybe you’ll find me near wetlands looking for eagles and owls, a colorful sunset, a waterfall on a hike, fall colors, snow covered mountains, spring flowers, or really, most anything that gets in front of my lens. I love photography. I often say I see life through a lens, but I think that can be a good thing. I love to capture moments that might never have been seen before or might never be seen again. I capture moments that will forever be committed to time and memory. Have you ever looked at a photo from childhood or of family and friends long gone and think to yourself – what a treasure! I do. I will continue to capture those moments and be grateful for those wondrous, magical boxes called cameras.